May 20, 2006


About the place:
Kodachadri is one of the most famous trekking spots in Karnataka. The place gets the name from one plant called ‘Kodasa’ or ‘Kodaja’ and adri means mountain. However over the time the name has changed from Kodasadri or Kodajadri to Kodachadri. It is at a height of 4400 ft above sea level.

Getting there –
Mangalore – Kundapura – Hemmadi (take a right turn here from NH-17) – Kollur - (140kms).
Kollur– 12km – Karakatta (take a right turn) - 10kms – Kodachadri OR Kollur – 2 km – Gateway to Arasinagundi falls (Take a right turn) – 15km – Kodachadri.

Frequent private buses are available from Mangalore to Kollur. You have following options, once you reach kollur.
From Kollur,
1) Hire a jeep/car till the peak, if you are going on family tour and don’t want to trek.
2) Hire a jeep/car till the base, if you are looking at moderate trekking of 4 - 5 km.
3) Get onto the bus going to Nagara (in the afternoon at about 1:45). Get down at Karakatta. Take a right turn. From here it is 10 km trek. 4 – 5 km of easy walk in a jeep track and 4 km of climbing. Opt for this if you are looking at good trekking.
4) Start from Kollur. After crossing 1.5 to 2 km you will see a board to your right for Arasinagundi falls and Kodachadri. There is one small bridge very near-by. Keep that as the landmark. From this point it is 15km trek to Kodachadri. Opt for this if you want to be a bit adventurous, because you have a great chance of getting lost in the forest:-))

Best time to Visit: October to May

Where to Stay:
You can camp on the hill if you are well equipped with sleeping bags, water, food, torch etc.
If you are on family tour or don’t want to stay outside, you can stay in
1) Bhat’s house
2) One more house:-)) Lol
3) Guest house
These do not require an advance booking.

Places to Visit:
1) Sarvajna Peetha: This is the highest point in Kodachadri. This is supposed to be the place where Adi Shankaracharya offered Pooja to Devi.

2) Chitramoola: This is a small waterfall on the mountain top.

Near by places:
1) Hindlu mane falls
This is a series of waterfalls (some say it has a series of 14 waterfalls, including many small waterfalls). This is bit difficult to reach and you will have to do some rock climbing to reach the final cascade. It is 4 to 5 km from Nittoor village of Hosanagara Taluk. After Nittoor you will come across a bridge. Take a right turn here and then walk for 4 km. There are 2 -3 houses near the falls. You will need their help to reach the waterfalls.

This place can also be reached from Kodachadri. But the path is very misleading. Don’t try the reverse route of Hindlumane to Kodachadri.

2) Arasinagundi falls
The most beautiful waterfalls in Kodachadri region. After crossing 1 – 2 km from Kollur you will reach a bridge. To the right side of the bridge is a gateway and a jeep track. Arasinagundi is 4 – 5 km from this point. After crossing 4 km on the jeep track you will come across a board. Nothing is legible in this board. All you can see is graffiti. One small path goes downward to your right. This path will lead you to Arasinagundi waterfalls. Many people give up in the middle and think that they have lost the way. Don’t be one among them:-)

You can avoid the trekking of 4 km if you get a prior permission from forest department of Kollur and take a jeep till the sign board. It might cost rs. 30 per head.

3) Belkal Teertha
Another waterfall near Kollur. This involves a trek route of 6km.

4) Mookambika Temple
The famous Mookambika temple is in the heart of Kollur. Please search the net for more details.

5) Someshwara Beach, Byndoor
Someshwara Beach is in Byndoor, 27 km from Kollur. From Kollur you will get private buses (at a frequency of every 15 minutes to 30 minutes) to Byndoor. From Byndoor hire an auto and go to Someshwara. It is nearly 2 km from Byndoor. One resort is also there in this place. Please read my blog Abbigundi for more details.

6) Abbigundi waterfalls
One of the most beautiful waterfalls which requires a moderate to difficult trekking to reach the place. Please read my blog on Abbigundi for more details.

Not to Miss: Sunrise and Sunset.

Suggested Itinerary:
Day 1 : Start early morning. Go to Kollur temple. Have afternoon meal in the temple. Get onto the bus (for 10km trek) or hire a vehicle to the base. Start trekking. Stay for the night in Kodachadri.
Day 2: Ask the route to Hindlumane falls in Kodachadri and climb down to that place.
Or Climb down. Go to Arasina gundi falls.

You can also go for one day trip of Arasinagundi, Belkal teertha or Hindlumane falls.

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