May 20, 2006

Devakaaru Falls

How to go there?
Devakaaru is at about 55 - 60 km from Karwar. From Karwar take the Belgaum route and go to Kadra (around 35 km). From Kadra take the route to Kodasalli (30 - 35 km). About 11 km before Kodasalli you will find a dilapidated bus stop (Devakaaru cross) and a very old signboard (to the right side). Identifying this spot is bit difficult. The trek starts from here. You have to walk for about 10 – 15 minutes in the mud road on the right side. You will get to backwaters of Kali River. You need to shout loudly for the boatmen from the other side to arrive. The boat will arrive after about 45 minutes.

After crossing the river you need to walk further for about 4 to 5 km to get to the falls. You have to take the help of local people to guide you. The path to the falls is full of big slippery rocks. So be careful. If you are adventurous you can go very near to the falls.

Devakaaru village is at the foothills, hence the name ‘Devakaaru falls’. It is also known as ‘Vajra falls’. This village is connected to outside world only through the boats. It has no electricity, no telephone or any other basic facilities. There are nearly 50 families living in this hamlet. People are very helpful and you can approach anyone and stay in their house. Please carry rations (rice etc.). People here walk 6 to 8 km and travel 15 km to get the rations.

Best Time: From October to early Febraury.

Your plan could be:
You need to hire your own vehicle. You can plan one day or two day trip to here. If you are planning for one day, make sure that you arrive in Devakaaru cross as early as possible in the morning. If you are planning for a two-day trek, then please carry your tentage, sleeping bags etc. You can camp near the falls or in some locals’ house. Please carry a jacket, as it will be very cold. Also make sure that you have someone who knows Kannada to interact with the locals. Please be sensitive to local sentiments and customs.

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